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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

During the Feast of Mother Mary

Yesterday we celebrate the Feast of Mother Mary being an Immaculate Conception. A lucky person who was chosen to bare our savior Jesus Christ.The Holy Mass celebration was held in our chapel as well as the baptism for babies. Steve recieved his first sacrament called baptism during that day. When the Holy mass ended, most of the houses within our barangay had prepared variant of foods for there visitors. Later on Dad was playing basketball for the championship but they didn't get it. I ask dad why they loose, he replied, we can't be a champion because I was the one who donated the prize for the champion and its not fair.... hehe At night time, there was a show at our mini plaza for the Search of Miss Pioneer. The day runs so fast and everybody now is still so tired and a bit dizzy because they'd been drunk last night. I got photos below enjoy watching. I love you so much my Darling John. Never a single time that I miss thinking of you. I was recharging my phone and uploading photos too from camera to laptop and while doing it, I was worried my john might gonna sms me twice already and I was right cause when I turn it on, I right away receive 2 sms from my darling. I love you so much my love of my life... kissess mwaahhhh! speak later.

Steve during baptism rites

Steve and I

Picture taking after baptism with the priest and Steve's god mothers and his parents

Steve and his parents

Steve and his Aunte my younger sis Emely

Steve inside our car on the way home

The foods we prepared for our visitors

Praying before meal with the visitors

Quiarra my niece from my elder bro

My niece and nephew from Emely

Aimee Grace and I

My mom's younger sis Alona and I

Me in my outfit yesterday..hehe

Quiarra in her outfit before she change it to black

Kentoy and his uncle my little cousin from my father's brother
And the last but not the least, the most controversial housemaid of the year Juliata a.k.a Etang and Honeylyn a.k.a Inday... hehe


  1. dear myti. the pictures are lovely and so are you. i see you wearing the ring i bought you hehe. and you have make up on. the food looks nice and there are many people look very attractive in you new cloths.
    i miss you myti
    love john.
    ps. we shall chat later

  2. thanks for sharing the pix day, love watching all the new things happened lately... oi you'll miss all those things once you are with John so i tell you enjoy the most of it. make sure that you get more memories and spend more times with your whole family, kay once your away with them things are way too different na...