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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A poem for my Darling

I have a boring weekend afternoon here and nothing else to do after doing the house chores and personal hygiene so I end up thinking of writting a poem for my darling john the love of my life. Here it is:


Once, there was a boring afternoon,
Got nothing to do but to think of you,
I suddenly have an idea of writting a poem for you.

But I could not think of what to say here,
So I wonder what if I was there?
I stop for awhile and think the words to write,
And start thinking what is right.

Will you ever be completely happy when I'm with you?
Cause life becomes incomplete without you.
Since I met you,
I could not help my self not to fall in love with you.

Though I know your miles away,
My heart carry on loving you this way,
Cause I know you truely love me,
And there is no other things that will makes you completely happy but me.

Correct me if I am wrong,
But I am 100% sure that I am not wrong,
You think of me everyday,
And your love for me is getting stronger each day,
Like I do against you day to day.

Now, I have to end this letter,
And carry on later,
Cause I can sense,
I'm running out of senses... hehe joke!

I should of say I'm running out of words to say,
but my feelings for you will stay,
And remain in love for you now and forever...
kisses mwaahh!


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