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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The 9 mornings before xmas

I'm drinking coffee right now and thinking how to begin my updates.
The 9 mornings has just started yesterday and today is the second day already.
I feel so happy and contented and very eager to complete the 9 mornings before Christmas because I have something to wish for and I knew this will be granted because I have done this before and it did happened. God is so good all the time no matter how sinful we are as long as we ask forgiveness to Him specially confession for reconcilliation. He will not abandon us when ever we seek His comfort and guidance. Sincerity is the key to draw closer to Him and of course humility. I always wanted to live in a holy life but a lot of harrassment always draging me down most specially our human weaknesses the so-called built-in dark side we have like being stubborn, laziness and etc. But temptations can be avoidable its just a matter of how you descipline your built-in dark side. hehe no body is perfect though... that is why we should always ask God's guidance and enlightened us to do what is right and better.
Last night when I was about to sleep my phone rings and I was wondering who the heck phones' me then the light bulb suddenly appear in my mind and gave me an idea. hehe my Darling phones me hehe.. I love you so much my John..... I sleep well after we talk over the phone and didn't have a chance to dream because I woke up by 2 am to prepare going to church. Yez very early because yesterday it was 3:30 when we arrive at the church but we almost could not sit anymore because plenty of people are in there already. The earlier the better but I almost fall asleep inside the church. hehe after I will post this updates I'm going to sleep back again to regain my full energy. hehe I miss you my darling john.. kisses mwaahh!

1 comment:

  1. oh day, you'll be missing that mesa de gallo once your living with john2x nimo.. i'm not sure but i don't heard that here in our place tungod tingali sa katugnaw sa panahon ug too early they don't have those mesa de gallo... i apil nya kos imong prayers ha? safe delivery and normal tanan.. got your xmas card thanks a lot post it on our wall with the rest of the xmas cards nga among nadawat....miss u much