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Friday, December 18, 2009

What a Life

This afternoon I was so feeling cross over my self. I was being harassed by the problems in life and I caught my self crying silently like tears suddenly fall down on my face and it makes me frown thinking why did I cry for this little problem I got?!.
To stop me from falling tears I made a poem to make me feel stronger. After I done writing this, I was relieve and back being Myti the great... hehe but my darling John is a bit upset today maybe because of me.. But I love him so much and I know he will be fine later... I will text him later before going to sleep to tell him that I love him so much... I love you so much my darling john.
Here's the poem I made:

Life is the most precious gift we ever have,
It allow us to experience the feelings of,
Excitement and disappointment,
Happiness and sadness,
Being proud and humiliated,
Powerful and frightened.....

When trials come along our way,
It gives us a challenge to fight for it
Without showing anybody that we
Almost feel defeated emotionally....

Some people give up, but some stands firm,
Some people cry, while other people don't,
Some people leave but some remains faithful.....

Why give up if you have enough knowledge and wisdom to overcome the trials?
Why frightened if you know you are braver than what people think?
Why worried if you know there is always a solutions?
Why chose to be sad if there is somebody waiting to comfort you?

Everyday is a new day and a new life to start with,
A new life to make things right
To correct what is wrong
To be more stronger than ever
To be more vigilant for a new challenge in life
And most of all,
To keep going and live for your love ones
Not just for your self.

Always bear in mind,
You are not alone
The love of your life is also there
Waiting for you to share your burden
When at times you could no longer carry it by yourself.

Thats all.....

Thank you listeners.. God bless! hehe


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