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Monday, December 21, 2009

Q & A lastnight

I have just done editing the photos I took through web cam just now.. I took a photos of my self so my Darling john would have an idea what I look like while I'm updating my blog.

I'm wearing an outfit like in the first photo then I took off the blazer when I get home. I have a fudgee bar as my breakfast and a coffee. I'm thinking of updating my blog before going back to sleep so my Darling would have something to read in here and to give him an idea about what I had been doing.

I'm feeling sick right now, I have a cold and it makes my eyes a bit teary and hard to breathe because of the sinusitis. I can also feel that I will be having cough later. I took a shower early today like around 2:30 am. It makes me feel a bit better but I think I still need to drink a medicine.

Last night we are celebrating the 16th death anniversary of my grandma my mom's mother. I missed to take photos of my cousins and ante's in my moms' side sorry darling but among them I'm still the prettiest.. hehe jesting but actually not!.. hehe I was talking to one of my cousin last night about how I found my john and what he really is. She keep on asking me if I'm not afraid going with him later and live in there place. I replied to her that I'm not scared and if you really know the person that you truly love then there is no reason to get scared... all you need to do is to be open to your feelings and show what you really are, so both of you will know more each other and would know each limitations. I asked her, do you have plan to marry a foreigner too? she replied no because her heart wants a Filipino man only. And she asked me again, why chose a foreigner instead of a Filipino man? I replied, my heart belongs to a man who live in a very far place with a different culture than we have, I tried to chose a Filipino man but my heart is not attracted and refuses to love my fellow country man maybe my life is destined to be like this and it happeneds that my soul mate is a foreigner. No matter how you twist your fate if you are destined to have this man, fate will find a way to lead you to him. You will just surprised how things comes to what you didn't expected but it makes you feel happy and your heart feels at home and secured. So she just said, ah... then amazed. hehe Life is full of surprises in unexpected ways. So expect the unexpected...hehe enought for now... till then

I love you Darling john... speak tomorrow.. mwahh! mwaahh! mwaahh!


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