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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy NEw Year EVeryOne

Dec. 31, 2009
I woke up late in the morning and had a coffee right after I get up to bed. I was thinking what will I do that day. I saw dad busy preparing what to cook for the new years eve while mom was cutting up the beef meat. I decided to buy a red roses and pay my sister's due in Avon. When I get back home I felt dizzy like a symptom of being an anemic [ shortage of blood vessels in the body ]. I eat my breakfast right away then later on it makes me feel a bit better. Afternoon comes and I don't want to take a nap so what I did was washing up all the jeans I wore during the 9 mornings before Christmas and the shirts I got as a presents. It was already around 3 pm when I was done washing my jeans and shirts I went directly to my room and grab my phone to sms my darling john. hehe I was teasing him with my sms. I waited his reply before I went downstairs to prepare the things I needed for cooking my specialty in every special occasions. Around 9 o'clock evening, I was surprise when my darling john phoned me. I was making a carrots juice while talking to him over my phone and I feel so happy to hear his voice. After talking to him I was also done doing my carrots juice. I sleep for a bit then woke up by 11:30 pm to slice some apple to mix with my carrots juice to make it look like a punch and I also added it with some crushed ice.
January 1, 2010
Everybody are awake and lots of fire crackers exploding above the sky with lots of different colours coming out inside of it. I tried to take a video but it was dark and its useless because it can't clearly seen. We had a new years eve meal after making all the noises to meet the new year 2010. mom was also showering lots of 1 peso coins inside the house which makes everybody very happy and laughing on how they'd being push to one another just to get lots of coins. It was really the most highlights of the new years eve. I got 46 pesos all in all since I wasn't prepared when mom started to throw the coins. But it was always been what my mom usually do every new year. Below is the photos of the foods we usually prepared every new years eve. Im so happy though we are being affected by crisis yet my parents still carry on doing what we usually do every new year. And also, before the 2009 ends my darling John phoned me which makes me surprise and completely happy. As new year comes he also sms me to greet happy new year. I love you so much my John. The love of my life and my happiness. Going to sleep now its nearly 3 am here. bye bye kissess mwaahh! speak later.

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  1. basin naa pay bilin sa inyong handa day, panghatag pud intawon dre.. or dalhi nlng ko.... happy new year.. miss you much