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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Im back here hehe

Its been so long since I abandoned this blog of mine hehe it came's up to my mind to update this thing while I was brushing the clothes.. since my darling has a problem receiving photos through yahoo maybe i can just post some photos here so its easy for him to view them.

Awhile ago I went at National Statistics Office (NSO) office to claim my requested birth certificate but unfortunately, they just gave me a feedback note to request a new certified copy of my birth certificate at Local Civil Registrar (LCR) office because its so blurred and unreadable. I was so disgusted with the old lady assigned at LCR for issuance of birth certificate she seems so unprofessional she act like really idiot she just say : ' huh ka swerte nila' mag request ka bayaran nimo ni. it supposed to be free because its the NSO who ask for a new copy to be recorded in there computer but the old lady never gave me a copy for free. I was so annoyed when i get back home. I wash our clothes right away just to forget the grunge that i felt against that old lady. oh well....

So much for that, here are the photos during my nephew's first b-day my younger brother's son.

All of my nieces and nephews from younger sister Emely and eldest brother Meljun and younger brother Fhoks

1 comment:

  1. Hay finally and unta di napud maayo magupload pic sa yahoo aron magsige nlng kag post dre.. para pud kabalo ko sa imong update...hehehe...

    anyways, regarding sa imong birth cert day..the same thing happens to me.. nagkuha kog authenticated sa LCR kay super di jud mabasa ang akong birth cert. saon atong mga panahuna murag hastang bag-uha jud ink sa typewriter kay pagka nlng tanan... tas bayad ghapon ko... sagdai nlng tong tiguwang day... maldita jud na mga taga LCR oi...

    day imong spaghetti ba gimingaw nako... sige kog luto ana dre kay ang mga puti ganahan sa version sa imong spaghetti... miss u jud day...