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Friday, June 25, 2010

What a pain

Today I went at the LCR office to get the copy of my birth certificate and as soon as i got it I went straight away at the NSO to give it to them but unfortunately it wasn't the form they are requesting from the LCR its a form A-1 a new form of birth certificate to replace the old one because its no longer readable because it's so old old already. The NSO supervisor highlighted the form a-1 so the LCR officer will get exactly the point of the feedback letter. The old lady at the LCR was really hypocrite. When I went back there at LCR I go forward to the old man and complain to him that the document they gave me is completely wrong and its not what the NSO wants. Good thing the man was so approachable and concerned he refer me right away to the man who process documents next to the other room. As I went out the room the old lady shouted and moan she is acting so rude and uneducated she actually showing how she degrade herself. when I went to the next room the man named Charlie was even more approachable he let me chose which one i want the form a-1 or the form a-2 which is more clearly but it says in the feedback letter form a-1 so i told him just read what the supervisor had indicated in the letter. It takes only a second to make it done but I need to have it sign by the regional head officer II by the next door but unluckily the lady was unavailable when he entered to that room and saw me seating he told me that the lady might having her lunch break she will come back by 1 pm and it was 11:45 am that time. I told him i will just wait. He felt pity on me so he take my form again and replaced the name regional head officer III and gave it to the lady saying please accommodate this. the lady was a bit annoyed at me and glance at me sharply but I just ignored her I just want things to get done and I'm so tired from going back and forth going back and forth. After she signed it I was relieve from worrying so i thank the man for being kind he actually waiting for his wife who also work there at LCR and his wife was once my professor in college about Mathematics of investments. I went back right away at the NSO though I know its already lunch time but i prefer to wait for more than an hour just to make it done really. After I gave the form they write in my receipt PROBLEM DOCUMENT they told me to come back after a month.... wow another month to wait I hope this time it will be completely accomplish and not saying I need this and that again.... I went at Gaisano mall to buy a meat bread and have my lunch at home its almost 3 o'clock when I get home and had my lunch. and now, after this i will start washing our clothes though my hands are so sore but I have no choice we don't have a housemaid anymore and its hard to find a new one mostly housemaid now a days are theft. that's all for now I love you my John mwah! chat later..

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  1. paita sa imong kalaki day oi...atay jud ng mga government workers ba.. way klaro maihap ra jud ang kanang mga nice wa kay kaila no.. sos nlng abtan jud kag syam2.. but i'm glad its over for now....