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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Wedding

Yesterday was my cousin's wedding Anna Mae Rebojo Israel with her husband Bernard Lano. My ante Alona mom's younger sister ask me to do the make up for the brides maid and the maid of honor and the groom. I right away say yes to her because its actually one of my greatest dream to become a make up artist... hehe aside from the brides maids and the groom i also make up my mom my ante and lyn-lyn. The wedding was just fine I manage to take the photos in those important part of the wedding memories to cherish with the couple when they get oldie and wants to reminisce there happy memories. I have nothing much to tell here so just have a look at the photos and read details below the photos. Im off now and before that I want to say I love you to my dearest John my love of my life... sorry awhile ago if i wasn't paying too much attention to you because of uploading these photos here in blog. But you know I love you so much my loves. Buenos noches .. te amo mi amor.. later again. adios.....

The beginning

When its done

Mom, Quirra, Melody and Meljun

At the church after the wedding's ceremony

Melody and our cousin Reynaly from my younger moms sister

Me and my cousin reynaly

Melody, Reynaly and Beverly another cousin from my moms other younger sister

This is when the wedding ceremony started

After the wedding ceremony

The Priest and the newly wed couple and there baby to be baptize after the wedding

The God parents of the baby girl name Anber Isaihkin Israel Lano

Both parents of the newly wed couple the lady is my cousin from my mom another younger sister the one at the right side next to the mom beside my cousin and her father is the one at the left side

The couple with there ring bearer, bible bearer, coin bearer and the 3 flower girls

the couple with there grooms men and best man

The couple with there brides maids and the maid of honor

The couple and there god fathers

The couple and there god mothers

The couple with the family of the groom

The couple with the brides clan

The wedding's reception @ Nana Beth Garden and Restaurant

The table for the grooms parents

The table for the brides parents
The table where I seat with my brothers and sisters and mom

The slicing and eating of cake... it said that cake is symbolizes abundant graces for the newly wed couple that is why cake is always present every weddings

The tossing and drinking of wine... it is said that wine symbolizes the warmness and everlasting love of the couple that is why wine is also always present in every weddings

Releasing of two doves... it is said that doves symbolize the new life the journey of the newly wed couple that is why dove is one of the important elements in every weddings

The traditional dance pinning money in each couple by the sponsors, guest and families the money will be the starting capital for the newly wed couple to start the new life

Pinning of money to the newly wed couple is not compulsory its only your own desire to pin or not to pin and its your choice too of what amount you want to pin

After the reception the brides mom my ante and her grandchild from the newly wed couple that's all!

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  1. wow day...inig abot bitaw nimo didto sa ilang John day pageskwela nya ug kanang makeup thingy.. ambot unsay ngalan ana, aron ma enhance imong talent... nice imong mga make up day...