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Friday, May 27, 2011

Feeling paranoid.

Lately I had been feeling so empty and lifeless. While waiting for my English test result, I felt like am out of this world. Am I on the verge of losing my sanity? Or am I just too worried of the outcome? Whatever it is, I am certain that I’m too beautiful, smart and valiant to become insane. That is why there is second and third to assure that you still have chances if you missed the first time. However, I don’t want to take other chances anymore. I wish the first attempt would be positive and the final one. I can’t wait to be in my darling’s arms again. My life is getting so dreary without having him beside me. I’m also getting tired of short time jollities. I want an everlasting happiness with him. Loneliness is already part of my life before I met him, but it is more horrible knowing that there is somebody who loves you dearly and you felt the same way around. Anyway, I just got his good night sms. He is hoping that I will think of him before I fall asleep. My darling, if you only know, you are stuck into my mind like a bubble gum when it stick to your hair it won’t come off anymore. I love you so much my love, my darling john. I’m off to bed now. Speak later. Miss you so much darling! mwaahh!

1 comment:

  1. i just lost my very long mensahe, anyways, just keep praying, i don't want to have an insane friend, i know you can do it..if not, then try another sucks but that's life, on the positive side, at least you know what will the test be like...

    btw, i like the bubble gum message though...keep smiling..i miss you