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Monday, August 30, 2010

My artistic coating

This morning I went at the other lot of my dad to take a picture of the latest updates about the new garage of his trucks and the employees temporary house. So much for that, nothing else follows... I'd been so lazy in updating my blog... yeah, been lazy...! maybe I'm just too excited to see my darling on the 15th of September! yeeehheyyy! heheh... in fact, I am so busy thinking of my own artistic nail coating. I tried it at my sister's finger nails. Below are the pictures I took today and yesterday. Thats all for now i'm getting so sleepy ... bye bye yoow... love you darling mwah mwah mwah! muchas gracias mi amor for the new laptop though its not yet in my hands but i trust you darling that you'll soon gonna give it to me heheh... for now, i will erase it in my mind so I will be surprise when you give it to me.. hehe... can't wait to have it darling... i love you so so so much...! as much as the stars above the sky and as wide as the sea water. I honestly love you darling and I'm serious... no kidding ... being a pain sometimes is just an accessories of my love for you... i love you my John... nighty night mwah! speak later.

My artistic coating: a strawberry like at the left side and a blue french style with a line up buttons at right side.


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