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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Leaving Phil. Going to UK

Tomorrow I will be travelling to United Kingdom of Great Britain. I will be visiting my darling to spend my holiday with him for 6 months. I am so extremely excited and a little bit annoyed because my monthly period has just arrive. It is going to be hassle for my one day trip. I really can't believed it! I will be seeing my darling's place and the mysterious place that always flashes in my mind ( i will keep it a secret hehe ). Way back in my first year high school, there was a certain pictures that I've seen in geographic magazine. The first time i saw that scene in the magazine, I suddenly felt an odd feelings about it. I dont know why but it seems like I have a connection on it from my past life? well, i really dont know until i can see it in my naked eyes. I will surely take a picture of it. hmm... i have mixed feelings just now. hehe excited!


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