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Friday, January 28, 2011

Delayed Mails

I was planning to update my blog last night, but there was a heavy rain, and a lightning, so I didn't carry on doing it, because i'm using dial up internet and it might gonna crushed my computer again just like what happened to my old one.
Yesterday morning after chatting with my darling John, a postman arrives here and held me 3 letters. It was from BDO Bank telling me that they already transfered from KCC mall to Pendatun Ave. underneth Sydney hotel which is located in the heart of our city... the other letter was from my friend Nova, a Christmas family picture of them with a handwriting message ( Daghan kaayong salamat Novs bawe lang ko later hehe )... then lastly from my future in-laws, mom Denise and dad Goeff, its also a Christmas card along with a letters ( thank you so much mom and dad sorry I didn't send any chirstmas card from you and john because the last letter I send there was taking so long to get into your hands... so I was thinking if I will send a christmas card you might gonna recieve it by Febuary becuase the last letter I send there was last November 2010 and you recieved it January 2011 already).... SO much delayed to recieved all the letters... even the BDO letter was send Dec.15, 2010 but I just got it now... in fact they are just at Kcc mall Gensan.
After I got all the letters and read them, I right away took a picture of me and the letters...hehe I will not make this statement long now becuase my darling is waiting for me to talk now... love you so much my love mmmmhhhwaaa!

I took a picture of myself first
to make sure my phone camera works well... hehe

Here's the letters I got.

1 comment:

  1. giatay na jud na diha atong post office kay hastang ka-delay jud mangabot ang mga letters...