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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Swimming@Spring Water

I woke up early today to get online and to chat with my darling John. After an hour, we both went off then I took a shower before I started to do my daily exercise (sit ups, walking and going up and down from our colourful stairs). By nearly 12 noons, my father earth and my brothers arrived from the fish port. They brought a yummy kind of fish, which is also a family of a tuna but the meat of it, is yummier we called it ‘Lip Lipan’ in our own dialect. I dunno how they call it in English term. It only taste yummy when it is cook grilled or fried but other than that, it doesn’t taste good. It’s a bit greasy when it is so big but if it’s thin, then it isn’t that greasy or yummy. I’m pretty much sure my darling won’t like it when it’s greasy. Hehe

We were having our late breakfast when father earth suddenly uttered about going swimming in very cold water. I right away replied ‘ what a brilliant idea father earth! Lets go! Go! ‘ hehe everybody got panic and get so excited. We rushed up packing up things to bring thus, in just one minute everybody was already prepared. It was indeed very hot that is why we are so excited to go swimming. Got pictures below which is arranged according to the first captured until the last one.

Quiarra and Kentoy

Mikiela, Quiaara and Kentoy

Father(Foks) and son(Steve)

Feeding time for Steve and the family

Quiarra was crying daddy becuase she got scared
the water is almost over her neck but when i shouted
' Quiang smile ' she right away do the post. Her mom was
laughing at her as you can see at the picture. hehe
Meljun and Foks playing with there youngest kid

The food that I ate for supper today

I miss my darling so much... I love you my JOhn mwah! I'm about to sleep now just waiting for your good night sms my loves. Buenos noches mi amor... speak later. i love you mwah!


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