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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year ( welcome 2011 )

Last Dec. 30, 2010 everybody around our house was busy cleaning... until the barber came over to cut the boys hair. Steve as his first time ever was so wild. It take so long for him to get done. While I was doing my walking exercise, I took some pictures of my family so there is something to remember about the last 2 days of the year 2010. Here's the pics:

Me, in my walking exercise outfit

Foks my brother next to me was cleaning there window pane

Meljun my elder brother was busy trimming the plants
Mom was busy cleaning our house

My 2 years old nieces Mikiela and Quiarra having fun with the 'picture-picture' as what they called it... hehe

My father earth who rarely take a serious shot

Melqui our youngest brother (17 yrs. old turning 18)

My 4 yrs old nephew Mckenzie a.k.a Kentoy

Steve my 1 yr and 6 mos. old nephew in his first time hair cut together with his dad Foks

As you can see he keeps on crying

commercial break for Steve... he is having his breakfast... he is not yet done with his hair cut

part 2 of Steve's haircut together with his mom

part 3 of steve's haircut together with his mom and dad...hehe

He is now fresh... hair cut completed!

He is now watching Dora-Dora

Goko our old dog

He knows im taking a picture of him so he posted... hehe

Thats all... Happy New year everyone! happy new year my darling John! mwahhh! I love you.... im off to bed now.


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