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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New settings

I got a boring day as usual and the only thing I did today was to buy a dozen of red and white roses thats all... the rest are just a normal day to day simple living (doing house chores, exercising, picking mom's white hair, cleaning her finger nails and toes, playing my nieces and nephews making them cry afterwards by biting there bam hehe, ironing clothes and sometimes got busy doing financial transactions in our family business).
The other few days ago, mom and dad have decided to rearrange the settings of the furniture in our living room. And I was the one who changed all the curtains. I took a picture at night time but its not so clear so I toook another pictures this afternoon. I captured some photos too with my nieces and nephews playing with the 2 roosters.
Below are the pictures...

These are the roses I bought this afternoon

Furnitures new settings


These are the rooster they're playing and was cooked for lunch hehe

That's all ... I love you my darling John mwah! speak later. xoxoxo


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