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Friday, November 26, 2010

So happy

I’m so happy chatting with my darling today. We’re using video chat now from Skype. It was so nice and so convenient rather than typing messages. It’s like talking over the phone… so clear, no crappy voice and you can even watch each other while talking. Hehe good thing I didn’t totally give up installing Skype. The other day, John and I were almost in the 3rd world war because of it. Something missed up while I was downloading the set up. I got dc while downloading it so when I install the Skype, it keeps saying failed to complete the process. I got impatience after several times trying. And my darling John keeps on telling something that it makes me get more annoyed. We both signed off in a moody feeling because of Skype. But we right away forgive each other’s mistake. He can’t sleep well if we don’t resolve our problems right away when feelings involved. So we have to forget our pride and be humble. It’s nice to be in love rather than being moody. Hehe… He never stop texting me that day we get cross each other until I replied asking sorry and that I love him. My darling calms down and stops scolding me…hehe

My darling asked me to get some money out in my bank account to buy an extra blast card and a new microphone because my headset is not working properly anymore. And since the microphone is not that expensive, I included to buy a new ear buds and some personal hygiene stuff. I went back home right away after I got everything I needed. That’s my entire story for today… later again. I’m off to bed now… my darling hasn’t texting me good night yet hmmp … hehe I love you so much darling! Kiss mwah! Speak later.


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