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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HP and QC [quiarra chanel]

This afternoon I went out with Wella to watch Hurry Potter and to talk about our latest updates. It was 1:45 pm when the movie starts and I was so emotionally carried away with the movie that I nearly forgot to sms my darling John.... hehe but as soon as he flash on my mind, I already got his text message. Wella was telling me the story of hp from the book she already read. So I appreciated the movie and made it interesting. Afterwards, we went at KCC and Gaisano mall doing a window shopping then we went back home.

When I get home, dry clothes was waiting for me to get ironed. As usual, I did my day to day responsibilty. While ironing the clothes, I recieved a good night sms from my darling. I was thinking wether to reply or not, but I just thought of updating my blog so I can write down my updates today.

My niece Quirra, suddenly run towards me and asked me to open my bedroom because she wants to wee in my toilet room. hehe it was only this morning when I teach her how to use the toilet bowl. And now she wanted to wee using my toilet bowl. hehe I took a picture of her. Before I could tell her to pose, she already posed. hehe clever girl.
This is all for now... I love you so much darling .. im off to bed now. i love you mwah mwah mwah! i miss u my love. good night. speak later. mwah!


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