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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Xmas party and presents

I just got home 30 minutes ago. I went to an Xmas party with mom and dad in one of the cooperative organization of the fishing industries they joined with since 1984. Being one of their successors in this business, I am obliged to attend the party with them. The party was ok... lots of prizes to win if you will join the parlor games but I never play any games (-_-) and before the party ends, everybody will certainly recieved a presents. They have two kinds of presents; minor and major gifts. They will just pick up the names inside the big bowl. Those lucky ones will recieved major gifts like refregerators, oven toasters, rice despensers, electric fans and etc. Minor gifts includes mini groceries, sets of melaware, rice cooker, blender and etc. Dad, mom and I got the same minor presents... a sets of melaware. Got a pictures below.

This is the invitation letter

and this is the progamme

This is the reception of the party

This is when they started the parlor games

Some people didn't join the games they'ed rather watch and talk

While the other males are busy having a drinks while talking and watching the games

and me, i was busy taking pictures so i have something to show to my fiancee

me and mom

The 3 gifts we got

Yesterday, I went out with Wella for lunch and picked up my new passport and developed the recent photos I got with John. Wella gave me an xmas presents after we had lunch at Greenwhich restuarant. I like it so much ( thanks Wei ). After that, we watched the latest Narnia at the cinema inside Robinsons mall. We went home straight away after the movie.

This is the present she gave to me (body wash)

That's all for now. I'm off to bed now. I love you my John mwah!

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  1. horrible handwriting on my gift. lol! hope you like it! :)