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Saturday, December 11, 2010


There are times that I suddenly imagined different kind of boots. I remember my darling had ask me once what kind of boots a want. He let me chose 3 different sizes but I can't just chose one so I say all of it... hehe while I was thinking about it, my niece and nephew from my elder brother came over me shouting mommmy Tica; kentoy said: look at me im wearing boots... while quiarra uttered: mommy boots ( pointing fingers against her boots ). It made me smile at them and told them; what a horrible boots you got! then I told them ok lets have *picture-picture* they shouted 'yehey'...! and so quiarra right away do the pose.... here's the photos I took for them yesterday. Something they can laugh at when they get old oneday. I'm keeping there cuties photos so when im gone and get back here I can show them the photos I captured during there cuties age.


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