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Sunday, December 26, 2010

So early swimming

Early this morning around 3 o' clock, dad suddenly surprised us to go swimming. Everybody was asking why in this very early morning... dad replied that we might not able to get a cottage if we will go by 6 or 7 am since it is holiday. So everybody was preparing things to bring. We went swimming at Dolores Beach Resort ( formerly known as Tropicana Beach ). But when we arrived at Dolores beach, all cottages are occupied. We have no choice but to seat on the sand covering it in a thick blanket ( its like doing a picnic ). The water was so warm and so nice to swim but we didn't stay long enough becuase we couldn't still find a vacant cottage. By 9 o'clock we went back home. It makes me very exhausted and so sleepy after I rinsed. I right away do my daily house chores then go back sleeping. It was already 4 pm when I woke up. I even missed to sms my darling john in my usual time to sms him. I love you darling sorry about it here's my kiss from me to you mwahhhh! I have 2 updates here that I didn't able to post becuase I was gone busy and lazy to update my blog. hehe

Here's the pictures I took this early morning with my family.....

Before the sun rise

This is where we seated (lots of people are staying overnight)

This is going back home I seat at the back of the car

This is it... next time again.


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