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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

@the garden shop with mom

Yesterday afternoon, mom Denise came here in our house to spend time with me. We walk to the garden shop and she also showed me the place where she working. Mom Denise is so nice she's almost just the same with my mom. After we had our moments in the Garden shop we walk back to our house (John's house) then we set outside (in our backyard) and carry on talking. I didn't take pictures because I had my funny cough and I am trying to hold it not to cough so I didn't really have a chance to do it. maybe next time. Today mom will come here again to bring me to the shops or maybe in the town I forgot anyway but she will also show me where the roman catholic church is so I can go to church by next sunday. okies enough for now.. i will be preparing food to eat just now. I might cook spaghetti tonight if I can get home early. I hope it will taste yummy because I want to impress my darling. the other few nights I able to cook afritada and it taste perfect. ( i did have my rice and meat that night hehe) okies cheery bye.


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