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Monday, October 31, 2011

Chooooohhh...! Choooohhhh....! tigidigidigidig...!

Last Saturday, 29 of September, I went to Sheringham to ride in a steam train with mom and john. It is a very old model train which was also used in the hurry potter movie. I had indeed a wonderful weekend with mom and john. And I am so happy because one dream has been fulfilled. In behalf of the presence of my very old and good friend I made it come true for her ( she probably know who I am talking about and she will be smiling now and a little bit jelly I think? hehe). There is one thing left now... to see one of my greatest and ultimate dream... my darling knew what it is.... I'll post it when it came true. okies? later again... i'll post more pictures later in my FB... im off now because its time for me to do my Zumba dancing


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