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Monday, October 3, 2011

Touching NOrth Sea

Yesterday we went to Hopton Caravan Park @ Great Yarmouth. It's about 45 minutes to drive from Thetford. This place is called a vacation place for families to enjoy there holidays. John's parents has owned a caravan, so staying there is not a problem. It is close by the beach and it is very cold sea water and yet people doesn't mind how cold it is as long as the sun is shining. I tried to touch the water and it was really really cold like a water in the fridge! plus the temperature during that day was cold like an early dawn wind breeze in Phil. hehe We plan to go back at Hopton on the second week of this month to spend our weekends. I will definitely post pictures in my fb when ever I have spare time to do it. I love the place so much very quite, sunny but not humid, cold and dumpy at night but I dont mind. I am so excited to see a snow later hehe... And also I will be riding a choo chooo train later heheh. I got lots of brochure here to see places to go and I saw a choo choo train to ride on. hehehe { Wela you need to visit here so you can try it. I will surely take a picture of it when I can get a chance okies. } Enough for now. cheers bye.


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